[ Latest News ] School Open News 2020

  • Tested 22,914 today, a total of 7,13,006 tests so far
  • There are currently 13,535 active cases in the state, of which 89 are on ventilator and 13,446 are stable.
  • More than 8500 cases in the last 8 days in the state

[ Latest News ] School Open News 2020 

The number of corona patients in the state is steadily increasing. Today is the second day in a row that more than 1100 or 1,144 cases have been reported. While 783 patients have recovered and 24 patients have died. So far, 59,126 cases have been reported positive and the death toll has risen to 2,396. As many as 43,195 patients have been discharged recovering.

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