[Live News] Coronavirus Live Press Note 2020

  • Performed the highest ever 50 thousand 124 tests in the last 24 hours
  • Out of 14,282 active cases in the state, 75 are on ventilator and 14,207 are stable.
  • So far, a total of 11 lakh 9 thousand 5 tests of Covid-19 have been done

[Live News] Coronavirus Live Press Note 2020

Testing is being stepped up in the state following the growing corona outbreak. 50 thousand 124 tests have been done in the last 24 hours, which is the highest test ever. Earlier, 41 thousand 647 tests were conducted on August 11. In Gujarat, 1,152 new cases have been reported from the evening of August 11 to the evening of August 12 and 18 patients have died. While 977 patients have been discharged. Today, the highest death toll is 6 in Rajkot. Since then 5 patients have died in Surat and 4 in Ahmedabad.

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The death toll was 2715 and 57 thousand 393 patients were cured.

So far a total of 74,390 cases have been registered and the death toll has reached 2,715. As many as 57 thousand 393 patients have recovered and returned home. There are currently 14,282 active cases, of which 75 are on ventilators and 14,207 are stable. A total of 11 lakh 9 thousand 5 tests of Covid-19 have been done in the state so far. As well as the recovery rate has reached 77.15 per cent.

The campaign started the next day after Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced a fine of Rs 1,000 for not wearing a mask. A fine of millions of rupees was levied on a number of people who did not wear masks. Most of the fines have been imposed on men, with most of the women escaping the fines by wearing scarves.

Most of the people who have been fined presented these three reasons for not wearing masks to the authorities. In which most of the people showed excuses that wearing a mask causes difficulty in breathing, sweating in the mask. An investigation by the authorities has revealed that even people who spit after eating pan-masala do not wear masks.

141 teams from the Solid Waste Department have been deployed in the seventh zone to take action against shopping units that do not wear masks and do not comply with social distance.

On August 9 and 10, a fine of Rs 6.34 lakh was levied on 1,269 people who did not wear masks. He was fined Rs 4.34 lakh in a single day on Tuesday. Municipal officials say that even those who did not wear masks were wearing masks due to the increase in fines. The highest fine of Rs 89,000 was levied from the southern zone.

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