How To Download Apk?

1) You can enter information on how to download software that has been uploaded here via the widget and you can also enter this banner via the widget. It's easy enough to just drag the custom html widget to the Download Right widget .....

2) download link is directed to the download provider website, for example android is directed to google play, then other software is directed to the website software link.

3) The download link is unlimited, you can enter your download link as much as possible via the custom download settings field.

Keterangan halaman download?

1) Anda dapat memasukkan keterangan cara download software yang telah upload disini via widget dan anda juga dapat memasukkan banner ini via widget. Sangat mudah cukup drag saja widget custom html ke Download Right widget..

2) Berhubung ini hanya demo, maka link download diarahkan ke website penyedia download, misal android diarahkan ke google play, lalu software lainnya diarahkan ke link website software nya.

3) Link download tidak terbatas, anda dapat memasukkan link download anda sebanyak mungkin via custom field download settings nya.