[Latest Updates] Indian Baby Names 2020

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[Latest Updates] Indian Baby Names 2020

Choosing a name for the Indian Baby Names is an important task. After all, you only name your baby once, so it should be done after considering all possible options. You must have decided different names for your baby, your family and friends may have also suggested some, but you feel that those names are just not reaching your heart. Some even suggested Old-fashioned names and sure they are charming but you just don’t feel them good for your baby. Do you now

NAME                                                      MEANING
Aaban Name of the Angel
Aadavan Literally meaning the sun, let your son shine like its radiance
Aagney One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Karna, The great warrior, Son of Fire
Aakaar  Form, Shape
Aakav Short and simple it means a “form or shape.”
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aashman Son of the sun
Abbot It’s vintage without being out of date and means ‘father’.
Abhibhava Victorious, powerful, and overpowering
Abhimand Gladdening
Adair It means ‘fortunate and powerful’.
Ajinkya  Invincible, Supreme, One who cannot be defeated
Alec Defender of mankind
Alif The first character in Hijaiyah
Amr An old Arabic name
Aranya Originating from Sanskrit, the name means forest
Aubrey An English name meaning ‘power’ or ‘fair ruler of the people
Balamohan One who is attractive, The younger one who is attractive; Young Krishna
Barun Lord of the Sea, the name brings a tranquil effect
Bashir A harbinger of good and positive things
Bhadrak King of Anga according to the Puranas, the name also means handsome, brave, and kind
Bishr Joy, Happiness, and gaiety
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Brahma, Dedicated to Lord Brahma; Devoted to Lord Brahma
Bryant Strong, powerful
Chahel Cheerful and happy
Chaitya Perceivable
Chandramauli Lord Shiva, The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva;
Charun A great alternative to the common name Varun it means “ one who has beautiful eyes”.
Chitral It means of a variety of colours
Chitrarath Another name for the Sun
Cole Prince of Red Roses
Connor Over of hounds
Cordero Lamb
Daiwik Grace of God
Daniel God is my Judge
Danish To be merciful, forgiving, and clever
Deekshant Gift of God
Deveshwar Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva, Lord of the devas
Dhir Your child will value patience and persistence if named this name as it means, “perseverance”
Ebadaah “Prayer to the omniscient Allah.”
Ehit If your little one is a Prince Charming in the looks department, then this should add smiles to his persona. Ehit means “ever-smiling”
Ekachith Someone with just one mind, this name is an ideal Hindu name
Ekadant Another name of Lord Ganesha
Erish To cherish
Faaris Horseman and knight, this name will bring a sense of valour to your little one
Fanishwar Another name for the Lord of Serpents – Vasuki, it has a deep significance to the Supreme Lord in Hinduism
Fintan This spectacular Irish name means ‘white fire’.
Fravash Name your angel as the “guardian angel”
Frey With its Scandinavian origin, it means the “exalted one”
Fuad Heart
Gadin One of the many names of Lord Krishna, it is a different and unusual name if you want to name your child after a Lord
Garrett It means spear strength’
Garry Meaning “a spear”
Grahish One who is the Lord of the Planets, this name could help your star write his own destiny
Granthik An astrologer or a narrator
Gulzar Meaning a gardener, this name would be ideal for that child who brightens up his parent’s life
Haarith Derived from Arabic, the name means a ploughman
Hariaksh One among the many names of Lord Shiva
Harin Meaning “pure”, the name is fast gaining popularity in the charts
Harishva It is another name for Lord Shiva
Haroon A name of a prophet
Henley An English name meaning ‘high wood’ or ‘high clearing’,
Horatio Timekeeper
Ibhanan It is another name for the Elephant God
Idhant Luminous and effervescent
Iham Meaning “expected” the name has a certain uniqueness to it
Ikshan Originating from Sanskrit, it means “sight or superintendence”
Irish No, don’t be baffled. Irish refers to someone from Ireland but also means “Lord of the Earth” in Hinduism.
Jaabir A consoler and comforter
Joshit It means pleased and delightful
Jyran It means “lost love” and could bring a lot of love and warmth with its authenticity
Kahan Another name for the Lord Krishna
Kanal It means “shining” and could brighten up your child’s life forever
Kanav A name that sounds pleasant yet has a lot of depth, it means “an old yet wise sage”
Labeeb Means sensible and intelligent
Lakshan Auspicious marks
Lathan Meaning ‘God has given’.
Leon Another name for a lion
Levi Meaning ‘joined or attached’
Maharth Truthful
Mahin A name that means “Earth” unifies with your creator
Manayu Devoted and desirous
Mayin Derived from the Rig Veda, the name means “ one who has the skill to enchant”
Milo soldier or merciful
Monty ‘Mountain belonging to the ruler’ or ‘steep mountain
Naksh Means “features” or “the moon”
Nakul Named after a famous character from Mahabharata, twin brother of Sahadev, it is also another name for Lord Shiva
Naman Originating from Hindu mythology, it means good fundamental nature
Nayan Means “Eye”
Neer It means “water” in Sanskrit
Omkar Derived from the Hindu syllable “Om” and has religious sentiments to it
Onain Meaning “vision”, this name has quintessential masculinity to it
Orman A seaman
Pathin A traveller
Phoenix The meaning of this Greek name is ‘dark red’
Posha Growth and prosperity
Pravir Brave
Purav Keep the direction towards the positive with this name which means “the east.”
Qaisar Born to rule the name means an “emperor”
Qays Meaning “firm”, this name has a resounding effect
Rakshan Meaning the “protector and preserver”, it could ward off the evil eye
Rathik “Rider of the chariot or loved one”, this name will steal all hearts
Remy A French name meaning ‘oarsmen’ or ‘oar’
Rodas The contemporary name meaning “heaven and earth”
Sabhya Refined
Sahas Means bravery and courage and it is not meant for the weak-hearted people
Sahir An Urdu name meaning charming and enchanting
Salil Means water
Sankalp It means “determination”
Sarin The helpful one
Taizeen Meaning “encouragement”, it provides the needed nudge
Tanay It means a son
Taraksh It means a “mountain” and your kid will scale up new heights
Tarosh Heaven
Tavish Strong and energetic
Udit Rise
Ved A scripture or text
Vihaan It means “the time of dawn just when the Sun is rising”
Vyan Originating from Sanskrit word “Vyana” it means “breath of life or giving”
Waahid Means unequal and unique
Wuar Fire
Xander Abbreviated from “Alexander” and pronounced as Zander, it means “to defend”
Yajvan A Sanskrit name that means “calm and peaceful”
Yuvan Means healthy and young
Zev Meaning a deer or wolf, it sounds different yet appealing

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